Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Globe of Doom on an Icy cold day

Ok, this is just hilarious- got this one from Jordin over at Looking for Grace Notes- the Snow Globe of Doom.
She sent it to me in honor of our snow day today. We had only about an inch of snow, but nasty ice everywhere. Shut down everything from schools to massage therapy offices to dentists.
We had a great day- sleeping in, bringing in firewood, drinking hot spiced cider, reading out loud, working on the Girl's Ancient Egypt notebook, the Boy and I discussing the Epic of Gilgamesh using Socratic Dialog, having soup for supper, and then watching Superman Returns.

While the kids and I were doing school around the kitchen table this afternoon, the Papa Dude got to go out into the icy cold day and find a dentist that was actually open to repair a chipped tooth. He chipped it on of all things, a prickly pear cactus seed. So much for our being open and trying new foods!

All in all, minus the chipped tooth, it was a good snow day. It was fun to not have to go anywhere, and just be able to school the kids.


lauriep said...

That snow globe IS hilarious! I e-mailed it to the rest of my immedite family to enjoy. We have several inches of snow and a street covered in ice. But we may venture out today for food.

Pamela said...

I wasn't successful accessing the snow globe, but enjoyed your sharing and trust you are thawing well.

We still have a couple of inches of snow at our place! Love it!

E-hugs to the kiddles and kitties,