Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday tidbits.

It's 9:43 am. Girl is grumpy, Boy is a noisemaker. But at least he has a willing heart. I can put up with the noise for that.

10:41 am The kitchen is clean, and the living room picked up. Three loads of wash are out on the lines, and all that can be folded and put away is. Bacon has been had by all, and soon I will be hearing scales on the piano.

3:36 pm. The kids have both done a bit of work, the transcripts are stuck in my computer until Papa gets home, but they are done. I did a bit of work in the studio, and more tidying up. Everyone had lunch, and all is well.


Bridget said...

The kitchen is clean and you did laundry, way to go girl. It sounds like you all have been pretty busy.

Anonymous said...

Noise maker boy? Oh, now I am curious... Grumpy girl? Sweet darling girl? Ah, the joys and bliss of multi dimensional teens. What would they rather be doing on a lovely summer day?

Summer laundry on the line, now that sounds like a bit of heaven on earth.

Create a great day, and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Ms LB:) I've tried to post on your Art site a few times and can't get the system to allow me, so I thought I would go this route.

Trusting you are well and creating great moments. I just had to tell you how much fun I am having exploring the other blogs and resources you mention and links that they lead me to. Such adventures I am having, and fun to see your name and comments referenced from time to time. Create a great day!