Friday, July 07, 2006

A gift in the mail

Not only did I receive the rest of my order from Brimwood Press (that is a picture of Marcia on the website, and yes, she is as nice as she looks!) today, but there was a surprise in the box as well.
Remember me telling you about the fabulous Worldview class the kids and I took last month, and how that evening several moms sat around having a fantastic philosphical discussion? How we had many religions represented- from Orthodox to Christian, to Bahai, to little ol' me who holds dear elements from Seventh-Day Adventist to Budhism, and we all had a dispassionate yet lively conversation. Well, Marcia sent me something to help with my journey of faith. It is a book aptly titled The Journey: Our Quest for Faith and Meaning by Os Guinness. I just made myself a cuppa tea, and am headed for the recliner. Thanks, Marcia.

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Pamela said...

Cool! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and newest book find.

Thought lots of cool and peaceful thoughts of you and the little family this weekend, the chickens, kitties and garden. Trusting you are all well watered and thriving.

P :)