Saturday, October 14, 2006


I feel like I am riding a roller coaster. Sometimes I am up, sometimes down, sometimes rolling along, but knowing, just knowing there is a steep hill coming up. Sometimes I just wanna get off, but know that the ride doesn't stop in the middle. Can one sigh and smile at the same time, I wonder?

In no particular order:
Today was day two of my three day class titled Homeschooling 101 at the local community college. We stayed an hour past the end of class- I am going to have to call the continuing ed. lady and have her bump it to four hours each day instead of three. I only have three students, but it has been such a good experience for all of us. It does exhaust me though- I have been fighting off a cold successfully for over a week, but today it caught up with me- I was sucking down Cold-Eeze and cough drops the whole class, and when I finally got home, I slept for two hours. Got up, fixed a good dinner- turkey breast, taters, shrooms (I was given a flat of shrooms- there is over a pound in the pot!) , and onions, all cooked in the crockpot in a rich chicken broth with herbs and white wine. Also cooked some zucchini and cauliflower. Papa is out getting movies and then I should be able to climb into bed again.

The Boy played in the marching band last night at the high school's homecoming game. He looked to handsome in his band uniform (No, Dy, I didn't get pics, but I will.). It is black tuxedo pants, and a handsome red jacket, with white trim. and a high red hat with a white plume on top. He marched and simultaneously played french horn at the same time- a tricky feat, let me tell you! We left shortly after the half-time show, when the score was 46 to 0. The final score was 55 to 6, our team winning.

How did the Boy get home if we left after halftime, you might wonder? Well, we succumbed and got him a Tracfone. In the month he has been at the high school, he has been stranded twice, or his schedule changed, and it has been a problem not being able to communicate, or to have to give him my cell phone, and then I am not able to leave the house. He has only had it two days, and I am already glad for it.

Papa is back with the movies (Prairie Home Companion, and the rest of season 1 of Third Rock From the Sun). I will sign off and not worry about not getting it all down, I will just be glad that I got this much down, and try to write again soon.


Pamela said...

Yae, a morning post to enjoy! Thank you for sharing Miss LB. So glad your class if going well, and LOVE the story of baby boy in homecoming marching band. What a vision! Perhaps we can join you for a game? Memory making ~ sigh...

Hugs to the kids, kitties and you!

P :)

Anonymous said...

Take some's proven that it cuts colds in half. I also take Echinanacea and it really does work. Love your blogs and read them always. I hope you feel better.

mindy said...

Welcome back, LB! :-)

texasblu said...

Hi there...

I found your blog via the dairy free website - you had posted a recipe for the rice krispies... I've just discovered I have a milk allergy, and have been searching the web for others like me - at least, cooking like me. ;) I've homeschooled for 8 yrs. now... keeps me busy, and happy. :)

Dy said...

It's good to see you again. I got your note. It's been really busy here, and we are going to have to get a second computer for the sake of my marriage. ;-) Anyhow, thinking of you and will email you this weekend. I hope you're feeling better!