Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tidbit: It's Thursday again

Uugghh. Again. Headache still hovering. I am wondering if it is pollen or sinus related. It is wearing me down, though. On top of that, we're all coldy- coughing, runny noses, really sore throats. Sigh. That just happened overnight- the kids were fine last night. We are up early anyhow, getting ready to head for piano lessons. I won't let the kids breathe on the toddler, and we may duck out early. I am doing my very best to not be discouraged about how prone we are right now to get laid out flat by every little virus and cold bug that we encounter.

I will update later today. I hope this doesn't come off as too whiny, because I honestly am feeling grateful that other than a cold and a headache that we are all alive and well, and that our lives are full and filled with love. So many folks I know are going through so much worse right now.

Hanging in there, and hoping you are too.


Amy said...

I know we're in different parts of the world, but the pollen is killing us here. So sorry you feel so poorly.

I hope you are up to being a Weekend Warrior again. I love seeing your artsy stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there ~ attitude is so much a part of the challenge. It sounds like you are keepign yours in a good place.



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