Saturday, April 05, 2008

Weekend Warrior: A "during" update

Well, I am pooping out, and don't feel like I got half as much done down here as I would have liked. I filled 3 boxes and a black garbage bag with stuff to donate, and half a black plastic bag with garbage. I cleared out many rubbermaid tubs, large and small, and decluttered the storage shelves in the little pantry under the stairs. I put supplies I don't use often but don't want to get rid of in those shelves, and labeled as I went. I cleaned up the paper cupboard, and there is room now to put other papers as I come across them.

I also made supper- we had roasted chicken, rice, green and yellow beans and carrots, and baked squash. I think part of my being tired is that there were various bouts of yelling and frustration on all parts, as the Dude and I tried to do our own projects in addition to supervising (read nagging) the kids getting last month's jobs done- The Boy finished up his wood stacking/chopping chore, and cleaned the moss off the roof and cleaned the gutters; the Girl got her baby chickens moved to the garage, and then cleaned up from them being in her room- all floors mopped, doorknobs sanitized, room aired out, etc.

I am tired, my feet really hurt, and my heart is heavy, but I guess it is some progress after all. I think I will keep going a little bit here- at least take some photos to post tomorrow.


Amy said...

Some progress? YOu rock! I am very impressed. My desk is done and looks much less cluttered, but I've still gotta tackle that laundry room. Ugh.

Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

Wow! What an undertaking! no wonder you're tired. Art supplies do seem to accumulate over time don't they? I think they must have learned how to reproduce inside those bins and cabinets ;-) Ask me how I know this...

"A messy desk is a sign of genius."

You've got to go read this hysterical article about messy desks (feel free to insert "messy studio" for us instead):

Happy cleaning!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, sounds like you got a lot done! Hope you got some sleep last night.

Amy said...

Just checking in. I hope you are ready for tomorrow, and I hope your class is great!

Anonymous said...

Good job! Suggest getting the give aways gone asap, I know they can turn into clutter waiting for their new home. When we love closer in, Services for the Blind would come and pick up. Loved that!

Mmmm..... chicken and your house, delish!l

How about that FYM, cleaning gutters? Cleaning moss of roof? That baby is soooo growing up!

Create a great day,