Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Wow! I share a date of arrival with a slew of interesting folks! Many people are aware that today is also the birthday of one of the most creative literary talents ever to grace this earth with his presence, Dr. Seuss (did you know we love him so much there is a national memorial?), but did you also know I share this day with Mikhail Gorbachev, Desi Arnaz, and Karen Carpenter? Oh, and I cannot forget to include Jon Bon Jovi, though I am snorting a bit about that one. Ya know, I was supposed to be born at the end of May, beginning of June. I wonder with whom I woulda shared a birthday then? Probably not near as interesting as Gorby and Theodore, hmmm?

My Papa Dude called me at 4 this am, to wish me a good day, he is so sweet. And by the way, why is it hard to sleep when I am not sharing my bed with a cover-hogging, snoring, hulk of a creature that regularly slashes my legs with his un-clipped toenails? Huh? Who woulda thunk it? I maybe got 4 hours today- that is about I have managed any night this week.

Okay, off to wake the kids. Oh, the places we will go. We get to go have lunch with the Godparents, and then we will spot by my mom's for a bit, then who knows what will happen? I am thinking maybe we will go see if Eregon is still playing at the local cheap(er) theatre.

LB, aka the birthday girl.


Amy @ the foil hat said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Donna Boucher said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

diane said...

I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I also wish you a year filled with love, good health, and happiness. Last, but never least, I wish you many happy returns of this day!

Now be sure and tell us all how you spent the day!

Happy Birthday!


andthemama said...

Happy (belated - that's how people know the card is from me *sigh*) Birthday to you!


GailV said...

Happy Birthday Plus 2!

Although reading about your original cue date, I think maybe it isn't that the birthday wishes are late, but that the birthday is early.

(I came to your blog via the Henty discussion on TheDenimJumper.)

KathyJo said...

Happy Birthday from another March baby. :) Mine was Monday.

ophelia3431 said...

ack i so must apoligize
i made a note to buy you a card when i was doing your sp shopping

so sorry
in any event happy belated b day

hey howd you like that soda??

Nan said...

Hi LB! This is my first time at your blog. (What's wrong with me??) Happy late birthday. You share it with my Mom! :^D