Thursday, March 01, 2007

What? Were ya born in a barn?

The Fine Young Man had a concert tonight. Kids were hungry so we stopped at the Dread Meyer to pick up lunch meat. We came home. I unlocked the door, headed in, and asked the kids to bring the stuff in from the car. Kids brought in groceries, fixed and ate 2 sandwhiches each, watched 2 episodes of Third Rock From the Sun, got in their jammies, and brushed their teeth before I noticed that they had left the front door open. Sigh. It's 30 degrees outside, not to mention the "let's just invite the meany nutballs into the house while your father is away" angle. Sigh.

When do they get it? Will someone please tell me they are gonna get it? When will I be able to know I have raised two responsible kids? How long till I don't have to remind them to brush their teeth, let alone to clean out the lint screen when they load the dryer. How long till they load the dryer without being told in the first place? Sigh. I'm not complaining, much. I guess maybe it's just the stress of single parenting. Makes me glad and thankful that I have a partner.

We had a fab time at the aquarium today, celebrating my birthday (tomorrow) with the nature study group. Great fun. I will try to post pics soon. I am off to try to sleep now.

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