Friday, September 28, 2007

September trade: autumn charms

Hello friends. As I told you last month, part of my vow to be an artist instead of wishing to be one, was to partake in a trade and/or challenge each month. Here are the results of September's trade. I really enjoyed making these- it took me back to my sculpting days. I made most of these while talking to Dy, Amy, or the Dude on the phone- they were easy and enjoyable to create. They consist of silk coccons and silk rods (go here to see photos of both), painted with Lumiere here and there, and embellished with silk wool. You probably won't want to click on these- when they are big, they are just fuzzy blobs.This is my sunflower. 2 silk cocoons, which I cut into to form the petals, nestled in part of a silk rod, with a button to hold the layers together. This one has the metalic Lumiere on the petals.
This acorn was the first one I came up with. A cocoon, with a bead attached at the closed end, and part of a brown rod glued on the open end, with some embroidery floss wrapped around to make the stem.
This one is a tassel. Some lace glued onto the cocoon, silk fibers, some with leaf bead, glued inside the cocoon.
Punkins! A bit of curly brown silk rod to make the stem, and silk wool stuffed into the open end of orange cocoons. Couldn't have been simpler!
Hope you liked them.


GailV said...

They're wonderful!

amy@thefoilhat said...

They are adorable!!!

Mama Podkayne said...

Ahhhhh. I love them.

I also have something for you. Is it too weird to ask for your address to mail it?

Pamela said...

Creation and fun ~ you go girl!

Thanks for sharing,