Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where is LB?

I am here, I just have been spending time doing things that don't involve a computer! First off, I have met another man, and he and I have been spending waaaayyy to o much time together recently. Have to say, the Dude doesn't seem to mind. I have been engaged in a thorough deep cleaning of this old farmhouse, from top to bottom and stem to stern. It is taking up much of my time and energy, and doesn't show any signs of being over any time soon, but I am actually sorta-kinds enjoying it . At least I like the way a room looks and smells when I am done, and I don't seem to be reacting to the chemicals in the cleaner this time. And secondly, I have been spending lots of time teaching and supervising lessons. It is going good so far, but is time-consuming and challenging. A lot of the time, it looks like this, only imagine a kid sitting there, staring out the window, or getting up every two minutes to go downstairs to sharpen the lead that you would swear they keep breaking on purpose, etc.

One of the reasons cleaning and schooling can be draining to me is that I would really rather be here. I have been in the studio in little fits and starts- putting on a paint of coat here and there between lessons and laundry loads. My L & L challenge is coming along, I haven't taken photos of it lately, but my pieces have many layers of paint, and are just about done. I am now at the point where I am ready to make some things with it. I have a few ideas but will show them to you later.

It seems every time I get a few loyal readers coming to the blog, I stop blogging. I apologize for that way of being. I tell the story that I am too busy to do it, with everything else I have going, but the truth is, sometimes I feel like it, and sometimes I don't. I do hope that you continue to check in now and again, as I will be making a supreme effort to do this regularly. Thanks to those who always comment- that means a great deal and keeps me blogging.
Hugs. TTFN,


andie said...

I'm still here. :) Of course, I'm not at my OWN blog...but I'm here LOL.

Bleh. I have the time, but it's never the right time. When I have a post in my head, I'm crazy busy. When I have time to post, I'm too brain dead to imagine what I have to say that anyone would like to read. Anyway...

I'm always happy to read what you're up to, even if it is running off with a bald, lemony fresh man! :)

Needleroozer said...

Hi Andie! I have so been thinking about you! You doing better? Glad you stopped by, and hey- bald is beautiful. And so are lemons.

Pamela said...

Love your new man! You must introduce us :)

Delighting in your stories, they are all sooooo very good!


Crissy said...

Hey, Dear. Did you get my phone message?
If not, will you shoot me an email?

Crissy said...
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Tami said...

WOW, you have a mural growing in your studio! Pretty doggone cool LB. Are you gonna add ladybugs or dragonflies every time you finish a new project? I like it! :-)