Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sunset Walkies, part 2

Okay, so I told you we were walking out behind Boeing. There are several buildings, and hangars. Here is one. As usual, you can click to make it bigger.Over to the left, you can see an airplane. It started from over here, and traveled across our line of vision. I don't know just what about this was so fascinating, but I shot tons of photos of it, and had a really good time. Maybe it was the cool color of the jet before it got it's final paint coat.
Here it is in a close-up. Isn't it pretty? For a plane, that is.
It was pulled by this tiny vehicle. What a contrast!
There it goes, over to the main airport. What fun!
That's it! Other than the plane, I took tons of photos of berries. There were berries everywhere along the walking path- all different colors and sizes.
Talk soon,


Pamela said...

Thanks for the reminder that I can click to enlarge. Delights my heart every time! Silly girl, I keep forgetting that feature is available.

Mmm... berries.... did you pick and nibble as you went? We have lovely groves in the field, near our bridge and over by the fence. Such a fun time of year. Plums at your place now?

Thanks for sharing, and create a great day ~


Tami said...

My husband thought this was pretty cool with all the shots of the jet on its way to get a paint job. He's enthralled with jets and gets tons of magazines that talk about modern jets - new paint schemes and interiors, etc. Thanks for sharing the pics! :-)