Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new coop part 2

Here is the inside of the new coop. So far, there is this one rimmed shelf running all around the edges. We can add more shelves above or below this one as we get more chickens. See? They like it. Today was the first day one of them actually laid an egg in the new coop!
Here is Lucy, mad as heck that she is on the inside when there are bugs to eat (I was weeding- she loves to follow me around and eat the slugs off my garden gloves), trying to peck Winnie, who seems fascinated by the big lady-birds. The white bits on the ground are shredded paper bits the Girl had used when we were out of cedar shavings.
Here is Piano Girl, holding one of the new babes. Again- except for Winnie, they all look the same to me, so who knows which one she has! Look how grownup and serious my Girly looks!
Here is the Boy, sitting in the bed he is supposed to be weeding, taking a wee break with one of the babes. I think this was Sweetie. Look how long my Boy's hair was. It was all poking out in all directions from his head. I say was, because we shaved it all off for him this morning, just about a half hour after this was taken. He looks very handsome. And serious.
That's it for chicken photos for now. Thanks for visiting the homestead. Amy, are you hyperventilating at all the bird photos? I promise I make the kids wash very good with your soap when they are done holding the birds.


Anonymous said...

How fabulous! The coop looks great!!! I especially love the “ramp”….and tales of them eating SLUGS! How fabulous is that? Goodness how those chicks grew. Wasn't it just a bit ago you posted their "baby pictures"? So nice to see those kids out helping Mom in the gardens. Tell them I am proud of them!
E-hugs for now,

dee said...

I just love chickens. My neighbor has a bunch and I enjoy the morning sounds of the girls and the roosters. They really are funny creatures-easy for me to say since I don't have to clean up after them.
You picture looks very nice up there.
Hope all is well with you.