Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tidbits: Gardens, art, laundry, and support

Howdy folks! I am here, keeping myself so busy I have little time for blogging. I miss blogging, but I am getting stuff done in my life, and that is worth it.

Mr. B. came over on Friday and tilled both my big garden beds. The Dude bought me 20 bags of steer doo, which I need to get into the bigger of the two beds this week. Once that is done, I will need to plant it. We went to the glorious garden party on Saturday. As a result, I have 24 tomato plants in the ground, but I still need to buy about that many more to have enough to can and donate. I have several squash and cuke plants to still get in before this weekend.

On the art front, I spent all last week working down in the studio, getting it organized and cleaned up. I am currently enrolled in two online mixed media surface courses, so I got started on the first lessons in each of those. I don't have anything finished to take photos of yet, but I am planning on working daily, so hopefully will have photos soon.

I am officially on laundry strike: I am only doing the household laundry (kitchen and bath towels and our bed linens), and the Dude's and my clothes. It is still a lot of laundry, but I am making headway. Not worrying at all about the kids' laundry is very freeing.

My oldest sister lost her mama (we share our father, but not our moms) on Sunday morning, and is doing about as well as you would expect, and needs some lovin', so I will be leaving Friday morning to drive down to the Oregon Coast (my birthplace, and one of my fave places in the whole world) and spend the weekend with her. I may go down again next weekend for the memorial if she needs me to. I plan on taking art supplies, but will do whatever she needs me to do.

That is it for now. I am headed to the laundryroom to put another load in, will fold a bit, and then down to the studio for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Cool garden progress! What a good friend Mr B is. Hey, on the manure front, have you thought about having a "load delivered"? You might get as much or more at less cost than the bags. We did that last year and are still working thru our "pile" as you likely saw on Saturday :)

Good for you on the laundry! Motivate those youngins' ~ surely they know how to operate the machinery :)

Oooo, online classes ~ you go girl! Michael is loving his online classes: Math and 10key, and I learned some great stuff when I took a (free!) on line photography class awhile back. There is so much prosperity out there, don't you think?

I am so sorry to hear about your sister, and family's loss. What a supportive family member you are. I am confident she appreciates your energy and presence. Drive safely.

So delighted to see an LB blog. It’s always a bright spot to "cyber share".

Thanks for sharing ~ create a great day,


andie said...

Ah, good for you on the laundry! Sorry to hear about your sister's mom. Travel safe!

Needleroozer said...

Thanks, Andie. So far, they still aren't doing their own, but maybe fishing wet, dirty swimsuits out of the pile before swim lessons will spark their interest in doing their own, hmm? I am so evil.

Yes, Mr. B. is really a wonderful guy. He suggested the laundry strike! Being a stay at home dad of two teen girls, he can really relate to my kid frustrations lately.

We were too lazy to order the doo, but we may still. We also need some topsoil and some gravel.

The online classes are great, but demanding! I don't have enough table space to all this wet work, so it is time consuming. Lots of great surfaces to use when I am done, though.

Thanks for the well wishes for L.A. too. She can use all the love we can send her way.

Anonymous said...

Oooo...wet...cold...smelly...swim suits.... GREAT creative idea Mom:)


Kate in Seattle said...

No way you are from the Oregon coast. *I* am from the Oregon coast - North Bend to be exact. How about you. We really have to meet up this summer and do smoe art. Is there a group meeting up at WHO this week?