Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tidbit: Weird weather

Dy is gonna hate me for this post, poor thing. It has been normal weather for her- hot and humid, with an extra side of hot. I so wish she could be here for some of this wonderful, yet weird for this time of year weather.

Here in the pacific northwest, it has been very strange. In the mornings, it is 45 to 50 degrees out. It sometimes gets up into the mid 60's during the day, and then heads back down at night. It has been raining, raining, raining. Raining the way most folks think it does on a normal basis here, but really doesn't. Usually, living in this luscious temperate rain forest, we get rain spray, or when someone asks if it is raining, we can say, "Nope, it's just spittin' at us.". Usually, we don't really need an umbrella. But lately, the rain has been those big fat drops that mean business. And the wind! It has been so very windy here that Papa had to tie down the baby fruit trees! It blew so hard yesterday, the power was actually out a few hours. And there was snow in the pass yesterday! They were expecting a foot of snow. Can you believe it?

For some folks, this would be cause to complain. They are missing our normally sunny weather. But not me. I am loving it. The sun will come eventually, and I will be hot and uncomfortable, and wish for the wind and the rain. So for now, I am enjoying this for all it is worth. I have chili cooking on the stove, and a fire going in the woodstove in the basement. I am wearing a sweater and thick socks. I love it. Sorry Dy. You remember that commercial where Brooke Shields says, "Don't hate me because I am beautiful."? Well, don't hate me because it's only 55 degrees here.

Cooly yours,


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so with you dear one! I was miserable at the Garden Party back in May when it was 94 degrees on the veranda, thankfully just for a few days. I often think I need to move further north for even cooler weather when the "heat" arrives each summer.

The only challenge is my "kitchen garden" is looking droopy. I put some of the tomato plants, squashes, onion sets and geraniums in pots on the patio, thinking I could enjoy them more there. I am thinking I may need to move them back into the greenhouse!!

So grateful for a kindred, Pacific Northwest, spirit!!

Create a great day, and thanks for sharing.


dee said...

sure, sure, rub it in! Not only did we have a heat wave of 95ish for days (in June Yet!)but now I'm driving down south for more of the same. Our weather is often very much like yours. Here on the north shore of Long Island I'm a half-mile from the ocean and it's lovely breezes. I hope this wasn't a hint of the summer to come. Thanks for your nice wishes and I'll talk to you when I get home(after they ecrape me off the pavement and pour me back into the car)

Colleen said...

Sorry, my friend, but I can not join you in your appreciation of Juneuary. Ugh! I'm sick to death of feeling cold all the time. Love the sun break we're getting this weekend, but I need more of it ~ and warmer temps, too!

Needleroozer said...

You have me laughing here- I have to admit that you were one of the folks I was alluding to when I said others might want to complain.
Hope you are enjoying this weekend's respite from "Juneuary"- that had me in stitches!