Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tidbits: short and sweet

Howdy folks!
I am busy again, so here are just a few tidbits for you- link away!
1. The Fine Young Man is here. Think First Place Thoughts! And no, I am not locked up. I have come so far from when my baby girl traveled a year ago.
2. This is what Piano Girl and I did last night. We had a blast, and met lots of fun new folks.
3. This is my new phone, with which I am becoming acquainted today. This was my old phone. Quite a difference, hmm?

Okay, off to plant seeds, do laundry, program my phone, and make art.


melissa said...

Woah! You guys are really busy!! Oh- and you know that OLD phone? Yeah. That's mine. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fun ~ thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the tournament info.

:) P

kludge said...

What events is he competing in?

I loved my years on the speech team, even if I never got a monster trophy, I learned a lot. Hope he has a blast!

Needleroozer said...

Hey there Kludge,
He is 3rd in WA state in Humorous Interp. He called yesterday to tell us he didn't make the first cut. He was a bit disappointed, but still excited just that he had made it there. What were your events?

Anonymous said...

3rd in WA STATE? My goodness, that young man and his Mama are surely very proud, eh?

Godmama sure is:)

Thanks for sharing,


kludge said...

Congratulations to him for making it to State!! That's huge!

I did all interp events: duo, dramatic interp, poetry and readers theater.