Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comparative Religion Studies

Yesterday, we went to a Catholic Funeral Mass for a cousin of the Papa Dude who passed away last week. As this seems to be the year for comparative religious studies, the church visit fit right in. Let's see, so far we have been to a Presbyterian church, a Unity Church, and a Catholic Mass. On Sept. 9th, we will attend a wake for the same cousin. We also have plans to try to visit a synagog, a Buddhist temple, a Seventh-Day Adventist church and maybe even the Mormon temple in Bellevue. We shall see what all happens, but so far the kids have really been enjoying this.

It's funny, but when they were little babies, I said that when they were teenagers, I was going to take a whole year to visit churches, and let them form their own decisions about what, if any, formal religion worked for them. Then I promptly forgot about it. Then this summer, I started seeking for my self, feeling a hole in my spiritual heart. During the same time, I realized, that through the children's history studies, they have read about so very many religions, but that they really didn't know much about Christianity. Hence the searching together. It is neat that I am now exposing them to all these interesting thoughts and ideas, when it had been my intention to do so now all along. Funny how fate/divine intervention/ life can work that way sometimes.

One of the resources we are most enjoying right now, is the Victor Journey through the Bible. It has wonderful pictures and maps, to put the Bible stories into the historical context my kids so enjoy. We will also be reading The Jesse Tree, and I am also looking for a study Bible to use this year, for my own studies. I haven't been reading as much for learning this summer as I have been for fun (lots of mind candy, I am afraid), but am looking forward to getting back into it. I will be finishing Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis this September, as well as The Journey: Our Quest for Faith and it's Meaning by Oz Guinness.

Anyhow, it is late, and I need to rest. But this may be fodder for additional posts, as I continue my reading and seeking. And I chose not to link to any of the book titles tonight, but you can mind them all at Amazon, I think.


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Pamela said...

Cool stuff!

What about visiting an ashram? A Buddhist monastery? Readings from the Bhagavad-Gita? Sufi mystics? Christina Saints? There is such a rich and opulent world of spiritual literature out there. Rev. Kathianne at the Center for Spiritual Living does a lovely job of sharing from the worlds many spiritual teachings. Might be another place to visit sometime. Not to mention, with those musical children, they have FABULOUS music! If sacred world music appeals, their annual Sacred Music Festival is fascinating, and good!

When you get ready to explore Judaism, there is a wonderful synagogue that shares Unity of Bellevue's space. Rabbi Ted Falcon is a wonderful story teller, I learn something profound and in a historical context every time I hear him speak.

Keep enjoying your journey ~ adn hugs to the kiddles,