Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hey all,
I am still here. It has been crazy busy here for the last two weeks. I have had a weekend of single parenting, followed by a week filled with so many Dr., physical therapy, and music lesson appointments, it was all we could do to get any school done at all, but we did. We then had a very hot hot week, and an impromtu get-together at friends' house last weekend. We also watched a couple kids of some friends of ours whose family got attacked by a nasty virus, and now both my kids are fighting it- raging high fevers and very sore throats, headaches combined with upset tummies.

What else have we been doing? Planning meeting, going to a new church, and visiting with Gramma. Hanging laundry on the line, chasing chickens out of the front yard, and baking zucchini bread with big fat squash from the garden, and cherry pie with cherries given to us by Papa's sister. Oh- the tomatoes will all be turning red soon!

We are busy planning and trying to figure out the kids's school situation for this fall. It may be drastically different this year. I will let you know details when I have any- we are still in research/planning stages on this.

On top of all that, I had to scurry to get invites done for the Girl's recital next weekend, and it is Papa's birthday today. The poor sick kiddos are upset because they haven't been able to fuss over and focus on Papa, even though he is reassuring them constantly that just the fact they are thinking about him is an amazing gift in itself.

Other than the fact that someone gave me a huge compliment the othher week by thinking I was my kids' big sister, and that Papa's sister was his wife,lol. that's about it.

Blogging is just taking last place in life right now, I am so busy living it is is unbelievable! Very good, though.


Pamela said...

Yae ~ I've missed your posts and am grateful for the udpate. Sounds like you made it thru the heat wave, and too, a weekend of single parenting, sounds like your fella got some away time? Trusting it was exactly what he wanted it to be, as was his birthday. We joined the children in thinking good thoughts for and of him on his special day.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing more about your adventures!! ...and tomatoes!

Create a memorable day,

P & M, too

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