Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Friday Five on Sunday

I am trying to get back into the swing of regular blogging. As an easy way to start, here is the Friday Five from Miz Booshay.

Five things in my freezer:
ore-ida crinkle cut french fries
meat, meat, and more meat
blackberry juice (to make jelly with someday)
many chicken carcasses for my husband to make stock with

Five things in my closet:
several Indian kurtas
lots of scarves, hats, and bandanas
my 20 yr old stained suede bomber jacket that I can't part with
my suspender collection
a long, of-white woolen dress coat I am saving for my daughter

Five things in my car:
latin and math books
20 or so cassette tapes
my straw sun hat

Five things in my purse:
my fave pen
my cell phone
my huge key ring

Five things on my mind:
where will Boy go to college?
How long has that child been in the shower, and will we have time to watch movies tonight?
getting the Boy registered and oriented to high school tomorrow
can I really get all I want accomplished this upcoming school year?
looking forward to tomorrow's Physical Therapy, as my neck and back have been aching all day.

There, that wasn't too bad!


Donna Boucher said...

Welcome back!!!

Laney said...

You have a suspender collection? LOL, I can't picture you in suspenders, but I can picture you in the scarves.

I'm going to jump over to the Green Dragon later on today.

Classical Home said...

Glad you're back, LB!

High school already? Oh, my goodness!


Anonymous said...

Yae!! You're back in blog land, my heart is smiling :)

I love it when I check your blog and there you are with stories, tidbits and wisdom.

Looking forward to reading more soon.


:) P

Amy @ the foil hat said...

Welcome back!