Friday, August 25, 2006


Picture three generations of females in the kitchen, canning together. The blind Gramma peeling the tomatoes, the long-haired helpful 11 yr old pitting them (and re-peeling some of Grammas without saying anything, bless her heart), and the round, sweating, but cheerful 41 yr old mama dealing with all the hot water, keeping the tomatoes scalding, boiling empty jars, filling them with garlic, toms, vinegar, and salt, then putting lids and rings on. Then while the jars process, they all curl up on the couch and in the recliner (and on the laptop) and rest. We prepared 10 quarts and 4 pints in less than two hours!! Then we went out for burgers, and a trio to the dollar store. We are invincible! And now we are pooped! ;-)

Tomorrow, we will conquer blackberry jelly, and peach jam. Funny how it has been 65 to 70 degrees for the last two days, but goes up past 80 when we decide to can. Now I am off to make Gramma's bed up on the couch, and tuck her in with a kiss on the forehead. I love it when she sleeps over.


diane said...

Beautiful image. Reminds me of when my father was alive. He, my mother and I would can, make jams and jellies, and freeze other things, all assembly line style. Eeach of us did our part and had wonderful things to show at the end of the day, whether it was plum jam, frozen sweet corn, canned tomatoes, or delicious pickles. Sadly, he is gone and those times cannot be recaptured. Thanks for the images you gave me writing about this.

Pamela said...

Way to go ~ memory making, sweet and productive. How dear that your treasure will be enjoyed all year long, especially the memories.

Were the tomatoes from your garden? The blackberries from the property edges and borders? Where did you get peaches?

Thanks for sharing.

Where was boy?