Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jack Sparrow attractive? I think not.

Okay, there was a lot of talk on the WTM boards when the Pirates of the Carribean (both the first and second) movies came out about how attractive Johnny Depp was as Jack Sparrow, but I just have to say no way. Come on, ladies, what is so attractive about an alcoholic man with no morals whatsoever, rotten teeth, unwashed dreads, who hasn't washed in goodness knows how long, and who either gets very little sleep or has an addiction to heavy black eyeliner in all the wrong places? Hmm, I ask you, what is handsome about that???!!

But other than that, I did enjoy the movie yesterday. After being at a funeral for several hours, it was fun to laugh at silliness, and be terribly scared at the crakken. The Boy had to hold my hand during the scary parts. 'Course I had to pry his fingers out of his ears (the loudness during the scary parts is what gets him) in order to hold his hand, lol.


Pamela said...

I am afraid I am guilty of thinking Mr. Depp was adorable in the first one Pirate movie, but ya know, I've seen a few previews of the second movie, and he hasn't struck me quite the same way. Maybe I woke up......

Glad you had a good afternoon with the kids and enjoyed the ying and yang of life a bit.

Thanks for sharing ~ I so love having you back in blog land!


Amy @ the foil hat said...

Awww I have a boy like your "Boy." I love that he'll still grab my hand at the movies. And, for what it's worth, Johnny Depp doesn't do a thing for me. Never has. Great actor, but I'd move a seat over if I met him on the subway. ;)

Dy said...

I think women like pirates. Seriously. It's a pirate thing. Gotta be.

That said, I like 'em skinny with a strong Roman jawline...