Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busy day

Well, we have a busy day planned today. First off, I was up at 3 am, to make sure the Papa Dude woke up, and said goodbye to him. Crawled back into bed for a couple three hours, and now I am back up- way earlier than my body wants to be.

Today we head over to the east side of the lake. First stop is Gramma's house. The kids will stay there and do a bit of school while I take her to the Dr.'s for a blood draw. Then we will visit for a bit. We will stop by the B. family's house and feed/water their chickens, and gather eggs. Then I stop in at Crissy's to pick up the banner.

We will get lunch somewhere, then head to Unity of Bellevue, where Piano Girl and her piano teacher will have a lesson- one last run through before Sat. While they are busy, the Fine Young Man and I will get to look after her little son, Abe, and also deliver some eggs.

Then we head back over to our neck of the woods, and I have to get the strawberies and peppers planted in their pots. I also have 15 fabric postcards I need to make before Monday (which I haven't started yet, sigh.) and also get some more school in.

Busy day. I do have a picture to post for today too. I have to go use the FYM's computer for that.

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Pamela said...

Yowza! Up at 3?! I remember a sleep over where everyone was up but one LB, sound asleep in a sleeping bag in the middle of the living room floor (B Lake house). I couldn't figure out how you could sleep with all of us up and rattling around! ~ and as I recall, when you awoke, you were a sleepy little bear for a while.

You do know I am teasing you, right?

P :)