Friday, May 04, 2007


Mornings. My favorite time. not.

It is 8:12, here in the lush Pacific Northwest.
One kid (and her waist-length hair) is in the shower, taking water away from the fishies. The other kid has been getting out of bed when an adult walks into the room, and then crawling back into bed for the last 20 minutes. He is now in his pajamas, scooping out the litter, with a scowl and an attitude.
And me? Well, I would love to still be dozing in my bed, half-listening to NPR, with a sketchbook, and a pencil, and a pot of plain green tea which I didn't brew sitting on the table near the window.
Gotta run- the 15 yr old just finished the litter and is back in his room, and I gotta go save some water for the fishies.

On to my morning. The one I am living right now.


Bridget said...

I have an 8 year old that does the same thing. You wake him up, you get "I'm getting up" and as soon as you walk out of the room he throws the blanket over his head and lays back down. You gotta love them.

kitten_mc said...

LOL! I have always woke my kids up pretending I was a bull-dozer pulling them out of the mud, but had stopped as they got older. The other morning my 13 yr old didn't want to get out of bed so I pulled the bull-dozer trick. He started giggling and said, Momma I'm too old for that. I said no you aint and he gave that sweet smile. I could tell he really liked it because I was playing around and giving him attention w/out having to share it with the other 2.

melissa said...

My MIL always tells me that my husband used to wake up throwing punches when he was a kid!

He is actually quite responsible, now. Gets up on his own, handles several time changes and manages to be quite the dad in spite of it all!

There's hope. But keep arms length distance!