Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pecan Delite Surprise

Hey Dy,
Since you posted your yummy sounding recipe, I will post mine. It is even more vague than yours.

It came from the food bank, and at one point had a piece of paper with a recipe on it near the bag of ingredients. They include crust, filling and pecans. I added coconut milk to the crust ingredients, and put them into the oven. While that was cooking I cooked down two big granny smilth apples, then mixed them with cinnamon.
Then I opened the filling bag. Sugary caramelly yummy stuff. I added the creamy part of the coconut milk.
After about 10 minutes, I pulled the pan out of the oven, poured the apples on top of the crust, and the caramel filling on top of the apples. Then I cut open the bag marked pecans, and poured them onto the filling.
Cooked about 25 minutes. I just pulled it out. THe caramel apple part reall did brown up nice, and the dough part cooked up and through it, kinda like a puff pastry.
I served it with the fatty part of coconut milk, whisked with caramel syrup (the clear kind you put in coffees). It is as close to whipped cream we get around here.
The kids are still dong math, and starting to collapse around me. I may actually turn to tube on, or read to them.

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Dy said...

OK, that sounds delicious, but... how do I make the "Sugary caramelly yummy stuff"?