Monday, November 05, 2007

Hi. I'm here.

Hi! Piano Girl and I are sitting on my bed with laptops, listening to this wonderful article.

Having a girl's night in. Orange juice and a Cherry Tootsie Roll. Aroma Therapy: Patcouli Lime Shea Butter. Refueling and resting. Asked the Fine Young Man to get a ride home from his class tonight, so crossing my fingers I won't have to get out of bed.

Family is good, funeral planning in process. Meals delivered, flowers arriving. Navy supposed to be there tonight (been waiting all day). Long day. But we're good.

Thanks to MomBob and Rover, that was a recharging visit, for both of us. Thanks for being there.

Thanks for all the phone calls Dy, the emails Andie, and everyone who has dropped by and sent me love today. I will address comments tomorrow. My Girly is waiting for me. :-)

Back at ya' with the hugs.


amy@thefoilhat said...

Glad to hear you sounding so calm, LB. You've not been out of my thoughts all day today. Enjoy your time with E and keep taking care of yourself. (((())))

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, LB!

-Drew (Plaid Dad)

2lilreds said...

(((LB))), I'm so sorry. I'm praying for you and your family.