Monday, November 05, 2007


I just posted this on the boards:
A meal is packed, dd, Gramma and I will drop it off at Sister's house, and touch base to see if they have received the Naval visitors that should have been here YESTERDAY.
Nephew is keeping in touch and we will see what is next so far as a service, and whatever is next (will they press charges? will there be some kind of trial?).
Piano GIrl has done latin review with Gramma, and has practiced twice, and my Boy will take the bus home from school and do schoolwork.
Papa is in Spokane working, and Gramma made it through yesterday, and the 5 of us really got how much we love each other yesterday.
Thanks for the continual prayer- your love is sustaining. So was the bath I just took- aromatherapy today was Herbal Citrus Sorbet for bath, and Candy Cane for the hand-washing pick-me-up.
Will update again tonight.
Hugs and gratitude to count you as my invisible friends,

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