Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nights this week

Dang! Another week gone by with no posts and no studio time. Sigh.

Today is Thursday. My Boy (ok, so yesterday was his half-birthday and he is now 15.5 and taller than me- he is still my little Boy, and that *is* his nickname) is not feeling well. He has been plagued with bad dreams for the last week, and is sleep-deprived. He also ate a whole package on Muenster by himself this week, and seems to be experiencing the same dairy-induced cold I had earlier this month. He actually came upstairs as I was crawling into bed last night for an extra hug, and after telling me how small he felt, crawled into my bed, and asked me to sing to him. (Don't worry, Boy. I won't tell any of your high school friends that you needed your mama last night.) This has always been the only sure fire way to get this kid to sleep for the last 15 years. He was out like a light in no time. He is still there, and I am going to call him in sick, and let him sleep the day away while we are at Piano lessons all day.

Last night, Halloween, we drove over to Gramma's, punkin in tow, and visited with her while she handed out candy. The kids didn't really even ask to go Trick or Treating, so I didn't offer. They carved the punkin all by themselves, too. Gramma supervised this while I was outside (I can *not* get any phone service inside my mom's house) talking to Papa and sweeping the driveway. Papa left for Spokane on Sunday, and was supposed to come home Tuesday, and then last night, and now will hopefully (hard to type with your fingers crossed!) actually come home tonight. So I chatted with him a bit so he wouldn't be so lonely in his hotel room last night.

On Tuesday night, we represented Interlochen at this college fair. Interlochen was the only high school represented, so that was cool. The kids went around collecting information from many arts and music colleges. Unfortunately, Juliard was not there, as promised. They were disappointed, but collected pamphlets from many other good schools. It's a starting point.

On Monday night, I was not feeling well, so went to bed very early. That is all I can even remember about Monday.

We spent Sunday night at Gramma's, as I had to take her to the Dr. on Monday morning for a blood draw.

Ok, that is all I have, and I gotta get in the tub if we are going to be on time for Piano day. Sorry no art this week- mostly sorry for me, not you. I am craving it, and once I skip it for this long, it is hard to start.

I have a couple of art posts to do, so will try to get to them soon. And a disclaimer- I wrote this entire post without my glasses on, and although I did proofread it, I may have made some mistakes. That's what happens when I type blind.

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Pamela said...

Yae! It's an LB blog. I am happy:) Its always a pleasure to get a glimpse of your adventures between the sweet opportunities to see you in person. Great stuff, and lots of creativity even if it's not in your beloved studio. You are creating a better world, better people, joy for others...on and on!

Enjoy what you can, thanks for sharing and create a great day!