Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I got a hitch in my git'along.

I feel a cold coming on. This presents a larger problem than it would seem.
My sister has reumatoid arthritis and has a suppressed immune system.

Hmmm. Put on your thinking caps, folks. I need to be there for her, but not be physically near her. I am not panicking, but this is my Question of the day.

I need to get this family well, fast.
Plan: When done updating you, I will make tea, and then nap. Call *FYM in sick. Just rest up. cook. eat. read.talk, drink tea. Throw in algebra and piano for good measure. Find time to visit the studio depths together by a warm wood stove. Enjoy my babies.

Funeral Planning: Be ready to accept whatever Sister #1 needs when she knows what that is.
Offer to do phone things, or errands. Work out any transportation needs ahead of time with Dude (sigh. again with the nicknames.). He needs his car to WORK. Breathing Now.

So. I am going to go work those plans. I will check in with you later. Where's my naturopath when I need her? Wanna call me around noon my time, Dy? What homeaopathics could I use today?

*Ireally have been wanting to use FYM's real name on the blog lately- all of them, but have stayed as "anon" as possible. I think my family likes that. Thoughts?

**But we picked out really cool names that really fit the kids, and we use loving nicknames, and would love to call them that, but it might get consusing to everyone in blog-land, so I stick with just one or two lovey names, blah blah blah.

Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes. This love is powerful stuff. I am tired, but we will make it. I feel lifted up by it.
And like the Green Dragon says, Life is a journey, not a destination."

Hugs back to you.


Pamela said...

One day at a time, one moment at a time. Wow, sounds like you and the family are moving thru this part of life's journey at an amazingly level. So sorry you have been called to this part of the journey.

Light and lifted thoughts continue to be yours,


Crib Chick said...

Yep. One day at a time. Hope you get better. : (

If you keep using the nicknames (which I think are cute), what about putting something on the sidebar, a sort of permanent explanation? "FYM = Fine Young Man, our teenage boy", etc. That way, new visitors will be gotten up to speed right away.

(I've noticed and appreciated little things like that when I've visited a blog for the first time, and not known what the nicknames/initials mean).

Just a suggestion. I think you'd be fine with real first names, too, if you're comfortable with that.

jeff said...

I just wanted to check in with you. Are you doing Ok. I've pretty much been thinking of you and your family since we talked. I love you. LA

Tami said...

I'm sorry that you and your household are sick. It's hard getting over colds when you're dealing with heartache at the same time. Since you can't "physically" help your sister while you're sick, I'm sure that she could always appreciate someone to help with all the arrangements .. and just letting her know that you love her is always a good thing. It's hard knowing what to say in times like these. My family's had a couple of sudden tragic deaths as well and I think just knowing that there are people who care helps tremendously. Thinking good thoughts for you.

Sarah said...

Missing your posts - I hope all is going okay. Sending good thoughts your way.