Saturday, June 24, 2006


Remember how proud Iwas of the kids the other day- that they had folded an entire couch-ful of laundry while I was laid up in bed with a bad back? Remember how I positively glowed about how full of integrity they were? Guess where I just found my favorite short kicky summer skirt? Under- that's right, I said UNDER the couch with a whole lot of other clothes.

Sigh. Guess what the kids are doing today? The training never ends, does it.
LB, off to physical therapy and a much needed lunch date with another mom of tweens.


Pamela said...

giggle ~ it's awful I know, but to someone on this side of the blog, it does bring a giggle.

Glad for them that you are there to lovingly use the tomoto stakes.

Enjoy your day in the sun,

:) P


Did you mean kicky or kinky when referring to your skirt? Nothing worse than back pain, you have my sympathies. Get well soon.

Needleroozer said...

Silly Dave!
KICKY, not kinky! Although Kinky has it's place, it is not on the massage table or lunch at an Indian restaurant with a Catholic friend, goofy man!

Needleroozer said...
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Dy said...

LOL @ the kicky question. Zorak asked the same thing when I mentioned the "kicky capris" a few months back.

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping your day improved.


dee said...

Hi LB- thanks for the understanding on Dave's blog-you clearly get it! I apologize for not commenting more often on yours but I figure you have enough on your plate. Hope you're feeling a lot better. Your children sound like a wonderful reflection of your sweet care. So what about the clothes, you have to give them points for originality but just not tell them. Seriously, they sound like talented delightful kids. Aren't we lucky? P.s. I adored Ernie.