Thursday, June 22, 2006


I was getting ready to take the Boy to his last day of band this morning, was packing to go to Gramma's afterwords, and making sure the Girl practiced piano for her lesson this afternoon, when all of a sudden my shoulder blade started to seize up and I had terrible muscle spasms so bad I couldn't breathe. The kids helped me to bed, called everyone and cancelled all our plans for the day, fetched me a vicadin and 2 anti-inflamatories, made me drink a full glass of water, and tucked me into bed with my heating pad. They were so gracious about the activities they were missing, and so concerned about me being in pain. They then proceded to fold a couch-ful of laundry, do the dishes we left from last night's supper, made lunch for me and brought it to me on a tray, then do the lunch dishes, read their history, and practice their Latin chants. What amazing children I have! They are playing outside right now. They deserve a little fun.

I feel better- not 100 %, but better. I am not supposed to be on the computer, but sneaking it in while they are outside so they won't tell the Papa-Dude. My laptop now has internet, but other than that, it is bare. I need to get it back to normal, but that can wait. My shoulder feels better, but I am a bit down. So much for 8 weeks of massage therapy, hmmm? I will call the Dr. tomorrow and see what she suggests. Until then, I better get off this thing, and back onto the heating pad. Lucky I have a good book to keep me company- I am reading the Latin Centered Curriculum by Drew Campbell. Check out the site, and his blog. He is one of my daily reads.
P.S. If you talk to the Dude tonight, I was no where near the computer today, okay?! ;-)

Dy, thanks so much for the enjoyable phone visit today- that really helped. I was getting bored.

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