Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You know what they say: Someone else's trash.........

Yesterday while cleaning off the topmost shelves in the 14 yr old Boy's room:

Mama: What's with all these dishes hiding up on this shelf?

Boy: I'll get them.

Mama: Yeah, that's what you said last month when we did this then. What's with the tiny black rocks in this orange cup?

Boy: Noooooooo, not THAT one!! That one has my fake caviar in it!

Mama: Fake Caviar?! What IS it?

Boy: I told you, it's my fake caviar, for when I need to pretend I have caviar.

Mama: You don't even LIKE caviar! What is it in real life?

Boy: Those are pieces of new asphalt road I got at a construction site. PLEASE don't throw them away, please, Mama. I NEED those!!

Mama: But Boy, they don't even look like caviar.

Boy: Yes, they do, if you imagine that they do. When you get them wet, they look just like caviar.

Mama: Sighing, Well, at least put them in a plastic baggie, so I can have my cup back.


Pamela said...

Giggle ~ that child has always been a genius!

Great writing m'dear. I could feel myself right there with the two of you and hear the perfect inflections in each of your voices.

Great sharing!

Happy Thursday,


PS. One of my first thoughts as I began readying was, so when did the boy start liking caviar? The I giggled when I read on ~ too funny!

Needleroozer said...

I thought you would like this one! Yes, he is a treasure, isn't he. You are one of the people who really help me to remember that about him.