Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Christmas in February

OK, OK, I know this will be 2 months late, but remember in December, when you were visiting all your fave blogs, and they all showed pics of their special holiday decorations? The ones that made you think of your great aunt or your best Gramma-type lady? Well, here we go, better late than never, because I know a couple of you who will really enjoy seeing them. Then I promise to post some pics of artwork, okay?

These are our stockings. They are huge, and hold a ton. I made one for each of us, and my mom. THey hang on our tv cupboard. As you can see, my antique vase collection and my Christmas music boxes are dispayed nicely in the glass shelves.

Next is one of my faves- this is the top of our current studies bookshelf. On the shelf, you will see my snowman collection. On top, is the Santa and reindeer that belonged to my grandmother Gladys. It is always a heart-wrenching yet happy time when I unpack these each year.

Here is a close-up:

Here is a pic of the piano wall. As you can see, I have family photos on the whole thing. At Christmas, I put banners up on all the walls- some are Santas, and some are robins with holly. This is the piano that I have come to adore, because my Young Lady plays hours and hours on it every day, bringing me much joy.

Here is our entryway, with all our bell swags, and the stars I bought this year.

Here is our tree, with the two wierdos, umm, I mean dealightful kids working on the decorations- or are they hugging the tree??

Okay, now I am even closer to being in integrity with Dy, Amy, and the whole picture thing!

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