Friday, February 23, 2007

Relaxed Friday

This is the first day all week I haven't had to be out of the house early squirrelly. I let the kids sleep in till 9:30, and they are slowly starting to function. Other than 2 scheduled coaching calls, I really have no plans, other than to keep the laundry going so the Papa Dude has clothes to pack. He is off to FLorida for training for his new job. He will be gone two weeks, and will be gone for my birthday. I am hoping I can convince him to take me out to lunch today, but we shall see.

Nothing else new here, gotta go put a load in the wash, cook up some bacon and eggs, and see if we can at least get a bit of school in today- for the first time this week- so much for getting tons done while public school was out, sigh.

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