Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Studio Pics! Finally!

I finally got my Fine Young Man to learn how to upload pics from my digital camera! Yay for us! So, I will now try to put a few pics of my studio up. First off, is my pride and joy, the 2 4 X 8 design wall panels. As you can see, there is room enough for a few projects at a time, with room for whatever inspires you, to boot!

The panels are on a sliding rail, like closet doors. Behind them, I have tons of shelf storage. I have cleaned and organized them since this pic, so they look even better now.

I have two tables set up in an L shape. There is room for 2 machines, one for me, one for my Young Lady. On one table, I have a cutting mat, on the other, is my ironing cloth. I didn't adhere it to the table, because I like being able to take it off in case I need lots of room for a project, like Valentine making, or beading a quilt.
As you can see, this is also a good space for setting up my laptop, or encouraging cats to lie on fabric and piles of beads.

Here is a good view of the fabric wall. All my fabric is in the white plastic drawers. THe tall drawers hold all my collage materials, and the big brown cupboard holds all of our art supplies. Again- this area has been reorganized since these photos were taken, but I wanted to go ahead and post them so you can see the space.

Let's see if Blogger will let me post one or twomore. I just want to tell you, I know this isn't a real fancy space, and having to share it with 3 cats, and the spiders that they don't eat, with no ceiling yet does make keeping it tidy a challenge, but I am so pleased with the feel of the space. It is cozy and open.

The wood stove makes it nice and warm down here at 4 in the am, when I am not sleeping. The cats like it too.

That's all for now. Now that I have this process down, I am hot to show you new works, old works, my Christmas decorations (that have been sitting patiently in my camera since December!), and the kids and cats.
Thanks for being patient, Dy.


Amy @ the foil hat said...

Excellent! I love the sliding walls. And I have a serious case of fabric envy now!!! More pictures, more pictures.

Pamela said...

How cool is that? Great use of technology, and teenager!

Thank you for sharing your creativity and space :)