Sunday, February 04, 2007

This Artist's Way

Last week, Amy and I started reading The Artist's Way. I am hoping that it will help me recover from this almost 2 yr old block I have been in. The studio has helped immensely, but something is still missing. For the class to work, I am supposed to do a weekly check-in each Sunday, so here we go.

I really struggled with the morning pages, but was successful with taking myself on an artist's date. I thought it would be the other way around.

The idea behind the morning pages is to do 3 pages of free-write first thing when you wake up. I have heard it called "brain drain" before. I have been trying to get up at 6 am, and I really struggled with getting 3 pages written at that time of the morning. Sometimes I wish we were supposed to be doing night pages- I lay awake in bed, with at least three pages of nonsense and unbidden thoughts floating around in my brain. I did 5 out or 6 days this week, with some days not being a full 3 pages. Sigh. I vow to be better at them this week.

I called Amy early on in the week, trying to come up with ideas for an artist date- this seems like a strange concept for me so far- doing something to support and excite the artist within. I ended up finding some time after a tortuous Massage Therapy appointment last Thursday, to expore a Big Lots store near the massage office. I found tons of fun little doo-dads for collaging- sticky string, 3-D stickers, art papers, cheap fancy envelopes, paper leaves, etc. I came out of there with a huge bag of goodies, and only spent $20. Now that I have played with some of it, I want to go back and get lots more!

For our exercises this week, we were supposed to explore who were our early champions and villians when it came to being artists. I really had to search to come up with any villians in my life when it came to my making art. I found lots of champions, though, and it was interesting to search back through my memories and think about people who were supportive of me when I was young- hadn't thought about some of them in many years.

My studio is coming along so very well. It is still rough in spots, but I have almost everything put away and organized, and the cool part is that I have actually been creating this week! I quilted a small wall hanging, which is now in a hoop, waiting to be beaded. My Little Lady (the daughter formerly known as the Girl) and I have been making Valentine's Day cards for our close friends this week. Funny- I have made one in the time it has taken her to make five!! I am committed to being in my studio every day, and am getting closer to this being a reality. With all the other responsibilities and commitments I have, this is turning out to be a major deal!

Today, I will read ch. 2's lesson, and get started on it. I am so glad to have a partner in this exercise. It has made it so much easier to actually do the work, and show up at the pages, knowing someone else is putting in the effort and doing the time too.

How did you do on your goals for this week, Amy?

So, when it comes to my art, who I am is the possibility of being a prolific creator of art.


Pamela said...

Cool! You go girls :)

Idea? Maybe don't fight the morning pages. It's just an idea. A good one, that I get, and works for some, but not worth beating ourselves up over. Maybe do the evening pages. Your evening is morning somewhere!

Thank you for sharing ~



Amy @ the foil hat said...

I was feeling all guilty until I saw Pamela's comment. I've been doing evening pages. The morning thing was killing me. Ch 2 is on my list of things to read today. So far so good.

Needleroozer said...

Thank you Pamela, from both of us. Evening pages it is then.

Pamela said...

Yae! What creative women are creating their good, and totally rock? I do believe its LB and Amy!! :)

Looking forward to hearing more about your success!

Create a day that is perfect for each of you,