Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A day after Christmas plea

Dear Uncle M and Auntie P,
The kids are bringing games, toys, and cameras to share with you, can I bring my easel? Do I have to leave it at home? If you let me paint at your house, I will gift you with one of the paintings, okay? Not that you would want it, as I just have this craving to just get my fingers all painty and just play, so it would be very abstract. But I would offer, none the less.

We could work out a deal........ I could make you a double batch of my (in)famous biscuits that you love so much, and serve them to you with real butter and homemade jam, and then you could sit and watch me paint. Wouldn't that be fun?! No? Well, you can't fault me for trying. ;-)

Your loving friend, and the demented, er, devoted parent of your godchildren,


Cassandra said...

Nice try ; ).


melissa said...

Hey, I saw your WTM post. WAY.TO.GO!!!! That is an AMAZING acomplishment. As a person who tries to stay fit I truly bow to your determination and hard work to lose that much weight. That is so awesome! Congratulations.

Needleroozer said...

You can't blamde me for trying, right? ;-)
Thanks so much for your support- it is funny- when I was looking at your Hooters photo, all I could see was how fit you were!

Pamela said...

Of course you could have! Sorry I didn't see your post until today. We generally don't use the internet from home as the "squirrels" are soooo slow:)