Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hi. I'm here.

Hi. I am not even going to apologize for not blogging for the last while. It has been crazy busy here, and I have been feeling quite overwhelmed. I have been dealing with grief-induced panic attacks, a wet basement (We are so blessed- The flooding was mild, and the basement is dry again, but we are actively praying for no more storms!), crabby teens, a hardworking Dude who is struggling with his work company's lack of moral ethics, and three toddler-cats who cannot seem to be in my studio space without barfing up hairballs on my newest works. Sigh. I won't even mention the decluttering and organizing that hasn't happened, the cookies that haven't been baked, the gifts that have not been yet made. Sigh.

But the deal is, I am here. I am blogging today, and I will try to retrain myself here to post daily. I need to get back into the rhythms and routines of our life. I do feel quite lost, lately, but I know I will feel better if I am expressing myself here and through art.

For now, I will sign off- I have three tween girls all down in the basement with me, all working on making Christmas gifts. Now to get *me* going on the homemade gifts!

Thanks go out to those of you who still come and check out the blog- I do appreciate you, but you also fill me with blogger-guilt when I go for long times without writing!


Pamela said...

Well how fun is that? I took a minute to breath and step away from my work world, and I get a treat! Fresh and new LB blog. How yummy :)

Many thanks for sharing,


Needleroozer said...

Thank YOU for still coming here and checking for one!

Pamela said...

My privelage ~

P :)