Monday, December 03, 2007

Tidbit: Flood

Hurricane force wind-storm-flood warnings all over the whole state. The basement is flooding, I will check in when I can.


Tami said...

Oh no! Stay safe. Thinking good thoughts for you.

jeff said...

It's pretty wild here too. 80 mile an hour wind gusts. Lots of power outages. Tree limbs everywhere. Keep lots of candles around. Love LA

jeff said...


Is your basement OK? Hope its not to bad. At first I didn't see the second sentance in your last blog. I hope it didn't do much damage. LeeAnne

Anonymous said...

Yowza ~ I was wondering how y'all were doing.

We had a bit of everything at our place! It was like driving thru a mountain pass to get home from my office Holiday Party Saturday night. We are so grateful for our 4 wheel drive!!

Monday our creek evolved into a torrential river, the highest we've ever seen it in the 3 years we have lived in paradise. The current was awe inspiring, and it literally "roared". We had "seasonal" lakes and ponds in places where they had never been before. I took some fun pictures of my Prince playing like the little "big boy" he is, jumping and wading in puddles up to his knees. I had to tell him to stay way back from the creek and off the bridge!! We think the creek receded about 4 ft in the last 24 hours. Really amazing to see!!

How did you end up doing at your place?

E-hugs for now,


melissa said...

Wow. Hang in there, guys. We'll be thinking of y'all. Hope that everything is o.k. and back to normal asap.