Friday, December 28, 2007

Tidbit: cleaning update

My Mama has been here since about 11 am, and we have all been cranking steadily since then, with just a break for a lunch of leftovers and finger foods.

All walls and doors in the kitchen, living room and entryway, the foyer in the bedroom wing, and the bathroom are all clean! We have changed my bed linens, washed, dried, and folded many loads, and I hung up and put away all the clothes that were laying on my dresser and rocking chair in my room. The Girl's room is clean, and the Boy is currently working on the nightmare we call his room.

There is still a great deal to be done, but my mama is willing to stay the night, and help me again tomorrow, while the Papa Dude and the kids go over and chop and chip some wood with/for the P family. I personally think it will be a great deal easier to clean tomorrow without dealing with the kids.

I think I am going to be ready to start painting very soon! I really wanted to get a handle on the clutter and lack of organization still in the basement before I paint, but it is tempting to paint now that the walls are ALL CLEAN!!!!

Okay, Gramma wants me to take her to get her hair cut (maybe I should get mine cut too?), and we are out of tp, pt, and Magic Erasers. Man, I hope "Mr. Clean" got stinking rich off that particular invention! As Ree would say, I heart them. I love them, and want to marry them and have their babies. Not really, but they are so worth the cost! And FYI- don't use the brand that says it compares to Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers, because they don't! Ask me how I know.


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Pamela said...

Oo, magic erasers? It sounds like I need to know more:) You know so many very good things!

Did your leftovers lunch include more of that fabulous Challah? We've been toasting the part you left us and loving it! Dreaming of making a pork roast of our own with that fig spread you shared. Such generous hearts and tummies y'all have.

Merry Happy New Years Eve,