Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas update

Merry Christmas to you!

I have a cold, was up till 2 am wrapping gifts, and then woken up by the kids at 6 am. So I am tired, and headed to bed- we have to be up and moving tomorrow morning, as we are off to celebrate Christmas with the kids' Godparents.

But I did want to pop in and say a very merry Christmas to you, and to share with you my fabulous gift. This is pretty much what mine looks like, but it came with a canvas carry bag, brushes and an acrylic paints set. I was not expecting this, and it was an amazing surprise. It it way cool, because it means the Dude thinks of me as an artist- as someone who needs an easel. I love that.

We had a wonderful time at the Christmas eve service last night, and tonight we had an amazing meal of pork roast marinated in an orange-fig jam glaze, with roasted root veggies (long red radishes, organic baby carrots with the stems on, red and gold beets, a fennel bulb, and a whole head of garlic cloves), roasted fingerling potatoes, and homemade challah. We forgot the pie, and the butternut squash, but we had plenty of good food to enjoy without them.

It snowed a bit today, and the kids were very excited, especially Piano Girl. She is so very much a snow bunny, and thought that snow on Christmas day was just about as perfect of a gift that there ever was.

We just finished watching Stardust, one of our new movie acquisitions from Santa, and it was very enjoyable, even though I haven't read either the book or the graphic novel. The Dude has both of them in our downstairs library, so I think I will put it on my reading list for next year.

I also have some good news! I already wrote it up and posted it on the WTM boards, so go here and read how proud I am of myself!

Much love to all of you, and wishes for a Happy New Year.


andie said...

Merry Christmas, LB & family!

WTG on the weight loss!

Needleroozer said...

Thanks, Andie. How was your Christmas? You were so on my mind yesterday, if I had your number, I would have called you!

Cassandra said...

Congratulations on the easel, LB!

Also congrats again on reinventing yourself ; )!


Sarah said...

FAB news! WTG! You are the only YOU you've got! Gotta take care of you baby!

Amy/thefoilhat said...

I'm so happy to see you posting again, LB. WTG on the weight loss and congrats on the easel! What an awesome gift in so many ways.

Needleroozer said...

Thanks for your support, ladies!