Friday, February 08, 2008

Tidbit: Getting my baby ready for a plane ride

I really hate it when my kids fly, or go on trips without me. I get all locked up, and cannot seem to accomplish anything except sit on the couch and surf the internet. But not today. There is too much to do. We are washing clothes, having teachers sign permission slips so the Boy can miss school on Monday, getting cash for spending money, ironing dress shirts, shining shoes, tying ties loosely enough that they can be slipped over a head, packing bow ties and undershirts and black socks, etc. All to get the Fine Young Man ready to go to the airport at 7 p.m. tonight to leave for his trip to Stanford, for the special competition this weekend.

There are 6 kids from the Boy's S & D team going, as well as many kids from other local high schools. They will be competing against college kids, so it will be tough competition, and a great learning opportunity. And I am not nervous about my not-yet 16 yr old being on his own with a bunch of other high schoolers at all. Nuh uh. Not me. Not a bit. Nope. Sigh. Yes I am. But I will hide it. I need to let go, and trust that he has really heard all the lectures and safety lessons, and that he is the amazing Young Man I have raised him to be. His planes will travel safely, and his Coach will take good care of him. He will learn lots that will help him to win at State Championships in a few weeks. All will be well.

Off to check the dryer, and to teach the Boy how to iron his shirts.

Update: It is midnight, I was just starting to really freak out, and was just typing how he hadn't called me yet, when the Boy called me. He is at the hotel. They have a meeting at 8:30 tomorrow a.m., and his first round is at 10:30. I told him to go right to sleep! And that is what I shall do now that I know he is safely ensconced in the hotel. Whew.


jeff said...

Wow, Good Luck to R. I will be thinking of him. It will be a great, enriching, experience. Love, LA

Pamela said...

How fabulous ~ I bet this is a life time memory event! Looking forward to hearing all about it.