Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tidbits: art is energizing, Valentines finished

Well, I said I was all tuckered out, but it was too early to sleep, and I didn't want to watch a movie (too soon after a migraine-type headache for that), so I begged the Girl to come down to the studio with me. I had to ask her repeatedly, as she was feeling tired too (Piano Lesson Days can be long and taxing for her, but today was shortened due to illness in TBPTOTP's family.), but once we both got down there, we just had a really fun time together. We listened to music, and got a fire roaring, and played. It was very energizing and enjoyable to spend that time together. We are both glad I forced us to come down!

The Girly tried out the new waterbrush we recently purchased, and played with the new colors of Twinkling H2O's. She added to my palette (so I don't buy duplicate colors) and then painted two pictures, exploring how the waterbrush works, and what you can do with different brushstrokes, and wet watercolor paper versus dry. I could probably count it as homeschooling! Here she is, completely absorbed in her work/play. (Click to enlarge as usual.)
I got the Valentines all cut out, and even wrote on some of them. Here is a photo of the card pyramid I made so you could see them all. I figured, as there is only a week till Valentine's Day, I would just send them all out, not putting any in the soon-to-be etsy shop. The bottom three are 5 X 7, and the top six are 4 x 6- postcard size. I also have enough scraps left over to make 2 ATC's and a few bookmarks. I am very, very pleased with how these came out. They are very classic and romantic. I would like to make some that had more of a modern feel, with paint, stamps, etc. but that isn't a priority at the moment.
Okay, the Dude should be home in about an hour, so I will crank the tunes, stock the stove, and work on more of the little rough paintings (like this one, but even better) till he gets home. Or maybe I will be done for tonight and crawl into bed with a book. We shall see.
T.T.F. N.


Lisa said...

These are just beautiful! I especially love the one on the right in the center!! You are so creative and you have been inspiring me to "loosen up" a little with my art and try some new things.I have been way too sick the last couple of days to go anywhere near the studio, but perhaps this weekend I'll get there.

You daughter is lovely. Creating with kids is such a precious thing.

Pamela said...

Ah, how dear ~ Mama daughter time:) I love it! Is that paint I see down girls sweater? Totally body-contact art? How tactile!

Go girls ~ and thanks for sharing.


Cassandra said...

Oh, I really like the cards! What a great idea of something to make from old cards. I'm so anti-clutter that I've thrown away cards for YEARS. This would be really fun to do with Christmas cards too, I think. Do you put something over the top when you're finished? They sort of look like they have a shiny coat on the top.

Needleroozer said...

Lisa, I think it is funny that I have been inspiring you, because I could say the same things, only about you!And yes, creating with the Girl is very stress-relieving.

Yes, that is from when they painted the fence posts- they came in just covered in white paint! She is as much a contact artist as she is a contact eater- she really gets messy!

It is 2 coats of glossy gel medium. And yes, I plan on doing these at Christmas time, too. I may even do some for St. Patrick's day, as I have a bunch of cards for that, too.

Pamela said...

I am so blessed! I think I received one of the cards from the display ~ my home is now more festive and "arty"

Many thanks for sharing,