Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Unfinished business

Before I get to the unfinished business, here is a picture of the Fine Young Man for Dy (one of his biggest fans!), at last week's tournament. Isn't he dapper? All the other boys wore black suits until FYM appeared on the scene in this snazzy number. Now we have one guy in a light blue suit, and another whose suit is black, but has snazzy red stripes. I like to think my youngin' started the trend when he insisted on picking this fine dandy at Value Village, almost a year ago, when it was way too big on him. He really has grown so much in the last year! Here is my current work-in-progress. (Click to enlarge) This is the Valentine collage. It is a 14" X 22.5" piece of Arches watercolor paper that I received for free in an art supply order. It has about 3 layers of paper- beginning with some patterned papers from Paper Zone, and then a layer of images cut out from the cards that a friend of mine gives me. She is a gift rep, and gets tons of samples which she usually recycles, unless I relieve her of said cards. We have a deal- I can have them if I don't just use them plain- I need to make art out of them. Twist my arm!! Third layer is some vintage and reproduction scrap, and a few more card images. I used Yes! paste to glue the images, and it is all covered with 2 coats of gloss gel medium.

So now, I just have to cut it into post cards. I will do some 4 X 6, and send them as postcards, and the others I think I will cut to 5 X 7 and use with envelopes, and just write on the back. I may sell these and make some more- I would like to do another collage that had stamps and paints on it as the fourth layer. I meant to add those to this, and forgot until I was on my second coat of gel medium. Still looks good, so no worries. I feel like I should sell these and not use them myself. Trying to get some stuff together to put in the etsy shop.
Okay, these next two photos are for my gorgeous, highly inteligent, soap-making friend Amy. She happens to love to quilt and hate piecing, and I happen to love the top-making, but not the quilting. It is a beautiful relationship. Here is a top I will be sending her this weekend. It was one of the first tops I ever made. I made this one in a 24 hour period about 8 to 9 years ago, and it could be a small lap quilt, wall hanging, or a crib quilt. I named it "Hands-on Habitat". This one is not basted yet, just the top.
This one was supposed to be the first birthday gift for a little boy who will be turning 7 or 8 in April, sigh. It is much smaller, less than a yard square. This one is basted, and you can see the background fabric on the right, there. It is un-named, and is quite bright.
When you click to enlarge these, don't mind the wrinkles- I just pulled them out of a drawer to photograph them. And please remember, these are two of my very first quilts! Exact color matching was soooo important to me back then. I am really much more "free", for lack of a better word, with my colors these days. And I rarely make any quilts with actual blocks.

Ok, so. An amazing Young Man, a work in progress, and two unfinished, and hopefully soon to be finished (Thanks to Amy) projects.


Pamela said...

LOVE the FYM photo. Where is it taken? I noticed the flyer for tolo behind him. Hey, I wanna be one of FYM's top fans too!!! I am!! I am!!! :)

...and I wanna be gorgeous like Quilt lady too:)

The V-Day collage is fun. You have some great "vintage" appearing pieces ~ how fun.

The quilts are fun. Reminds me of blankies, drapes and other fun creativity when the children were "wee ones". You always created such fabulous rooms for them :)

Thanks for sharing ~


Needleroozer said...

Hi Pammie,
I think this was at Tahoma High School. And don't worry, there is no one who is a bigger fan of the Boy, or more gorgeous than his Auntie Pam! I was just buttering Amy up a little, because it is amazing that she actually *wants* to finish my quilts!!

amy@thefoilhat said...

No need to butter me up!!!!! I love those quilts -I'd love to work on them.

FYM looks way too grown up.

Needleroozer said...

Thanks Amy. I will let you know when they are in the mail. I do want to see if I have fabric and batting to back the Hand-on Habitat.

Pamela said...

Ooooohhhh... I feel all buttered and nice now :)

Many thanks.

Thereapy bill in the mail ~ LOL