Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tidbit: Aarrgghh! Can't find it!

Don'tcha just hate it when you can't find something?!?!?! The Boy is home, safely tucked into his bed, and all is well, but I am wide awake, obsessing because I have misplaced something. This adorable ATC, to be exact. My invisible friend Tami gave it to me, and it is very special to me. It is the very first ATC I ever received (I have a grand total of 3 now), and I love Tami's orchard characters very much. I think I might be Lemondrop's biggest fan, to be honest. I have recommended her blog before.

Tami and I are doing a monthly ATC swap this year, so I was getting together the cards I have received from her so far, so I could show them to you in an upcoming post, and I. can't. find. this. one. anywhere. Sigh. I have tidied the studio, and looked just about everywhere down here. And I am obsessing and can't sleep. Phooey!

I did find a few things I had been missing, and I came across a bunch of art materials that I haven't used/tried/played with yet, so all is not totally lost, but I do find myself in quite a dither over this tiny, flat, sweet little card. Well, I will try to look again tomorrow. I know it is here somewhere, but an ATC is only 2.5 X 3.5, so it could be anywhere. I will post the other ATC from Tami, as well as the one I am working on for our first swap soon.

Guess I will head up to kiss the kids on their (hopefully) sleeping heads, and crawl into bed. After all, it will be time to get up in only about 5 hours.

(Edited later Tuesday morning to add the song that kept going around in my head while I wasn't sleeping.)

Oh where, Oh where has my Lemondrop gone?
Oh Where, Oh where can she be?
I have looked high and low
In my wee studio,
Oh where, Oh where can she be?


Cassandra said...

Glad you got your studio tidied up, but sorry that you can't find that ATC. When *I* can't find something, I become obsessed! Yesterday it was my good sunglasses (later I found them in a coat pocket, hooray!). So I completely understand. I hope you find it soon.

Anonymous said...

...did you find 'er? ....

It's such a nice feeling when you do that it's almost worth the search, eh?

:) P

Dy said...

Blog, damnit.

Love you!