Friday, February 01, 2008

Sleepover Preparations

The big party/sleepover is today. I got to bed before midnight last night, which is early when my Dude is away at night, and woke up about 10 minutes before he called me this morning. We had a nice, quick chat, and then I got dressed super quick, and snuck out to the grocery store and back before the kids were even up. I got lots of party food, that was all on sale- hot dogs, burgers, and pizzas- even the dairy-free pizza was on sale. Gotta love that.

The only things I didn't buy were fruits and veggies, as I usually get them at the fruit stand, but it was closed, and their new location isn't open yet. So when I pop out to take the Boy to the high school, I will have to stop somewhere and pay full price (sigh) for some fruit and veggies. The Girls will need them to balance out all the sweets and meats this weekend.

Now the Girl will tidy the house a bit, while I head down to the studio to start pulling out everything Valentine's day related. I did this will all the Christmas stuff, and put it all in one big basket, and it really helps to be able to just pull one box out, rather than to have to make a huge heap of piles by pulling out this paper, and that stamp, and that roll of pink hearts wrapping paper, etc. We will make Valentine's as our main craft today, with lots of stamping and painting.

After I drop the Boy off, I will be surrounded by 5 lovely young ladies ready to make art, bake a cake, eat, and maybe watch a movie, before they all take over my living room. I may let the Boy go across the street and play video games with our neighbors- three men, aged 10, 35, and 70. All that testosterone will help keep him sane. It will be fun to watch him, though- he has a bit of a crush on one of the girls, and they are all very nice kids.

Okay, gotta get going- I will take photos (better make sure my camera is charged!).
Have a great day!


LA said...

Have a wonderful time. Tell E. Happy B-day. I've been enjoying your blog, seeing pictures of your art and your house with the white picket fence. I'm almost the same personality type as you, just off by one. I'm an ENFP.

Love,LA (your other oldest sister)

Pamela said...

Ohhh...sounds like Mama is in heaven.

I can't beleive your baby is old enough for sleep overs! How time flies, and creates loads of good and memory making.

Enjoy it all.

Thanks for sharing.


Chris said...

Hope you had loads of fun last night! It's sweet of you to do this for your dd. She'll remember it forever.
Tomorrow we have about 45 kids coming for the Super Bowl (our 3 youth groups!), so I have to clean. A little. They're not picky.
Have a lovely day,
Chris in VA

Pamela said...

Sooooo....... how'd it go?

Did y'all create some great times? memory makin'?

I LOVED sleepovers when I was PG's age...