Monday, January 22, 2007

Both Blogger and I are back.

Okay, I am back, and Blogger seems to be too. I tried to post several times this weekend, but Blogger wasn't having any of it!

My tooth still hurts, but I am doing better. Though wouldn't you know it, after laying in a dentist's chair for 5 hours, my back has been extremely painful and threatening to go out on my all weekend. I rested as much as I could, took vicadin as much as I could ;-), and am doing much better.

I will post again later- tomorrow is my Baby Girl's birthday. She will be 12, and I need to go get a few things ready for her. 12- how did that happen so very fast!


Pamela said...

Trusting girl's special day is wonderful. I look forward to hearing more about it soon. Will she be sharing about her trip? Didn't she prepare a nice entry for your blog last year? I loved that!

Thanks for commenting on the challenges you had accessing the system. I tried to access, and respond several times unsuccessfully. Know that you are thought of more often than you know, and always with a smile.


Dy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET GIRL! I hope you had a day of lovely things, many giggles, and a ton of joy!

Love, Dy and the Gang

Anonymous said...

I miss you my friend, hope the birthday girl had a good day!

Needleroozer said...

Heidi, is that Heidi C? I miss you too!
This has been the craziest year I have ever experienced! I dislike how little time I feel like I have for myself.

How are you and your kids doing? I would love to talk to you soon.
Hugs, LB

Dy and Pam,
Thanks for the birthday wishes from the Girl. She loved the ecard, Pam, and wants to see you soon.