Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tidbit #4

Tidbit #4.
Studio Update:
I truly love my partner/husband/ Papa Dude. This studio as a Christmas gift idea really rocks, you know?
I am not ready to take pics yet (maybe tomorow), still putting stuff away.
My Young Man (MYM, was the boy FKA Boy. He is just growing up so nicely.) and I covered (with cotton batting) and hung the 4' X 8' panels that are my design wall (YEEHAW!!). It was a huge challenge in communication, but the two of us came through it fairly unscathed, I think.
OK, I need to bop to John Hyatt and get more stuff put away.


Pamela said...

FKA boy?

So glad you are reveling in your bliss space, and communicating with a teen? You got it goin on baby!


Dy said...

I love John Hyatt!

Sounds like it's coming along nice. CANNOT wait for pictures!

MYM - what a sweet, sweet moniker. :-)

OK, tried to call you back, but you'd run away. Love you!

Needleroozer said...

FKA is formerly known as. He is just getting to be such a young man versus a boy. And this week we noticed he is taller than I am!
John Hyatt is one of my fave artists to work to.