Friday, January 12, 2007

Tidbit #2

Tidbit #2:
The entire family delivered the Girl to the airport this morning. We met up with our friend Andrew, who flew up to get her, and fly down with her to Huntington Beach. She is having her second annual Birthday Weekend with Andrew's family, specifically his youngest daughter, the Girl's favorite friend in the whole world. Adrew and his youngest will fly our Girl back on Sunday.
He is now a flight attendant, so the girls are getting to see each other more often lately. How cool is that?!


Pamela said...

Well yae that you are back blogging, and how cool that little Miss gets to go jetting again! How did her nervous tummy do this time? Can't wait to hear all about it upon her return!

E-hugs for now,


Dy said...

I'm glad she made it safe and sound. Having friends in the airline industry can really be great fun!

(LOVING the tidbits blogging. What a cool idea.)


Needleroozer said...

She did so great! No tummy trouble at all! She is just blowing all of us away with how well she is dealing with the gut reactive anxiety. THe way she is going, she won't have any trouble by the time she is performing at Benyroya!