Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tidbit #5

I had a wierd night's sleep- Santa brought us new flannel sheets, but they have only been washed once, and they felt so yucky! Like sleeping between suede, or in a pile of peaches. Yucky!

I also had one of the worst dreams I have ever had which involved kissing someone, and having them get sick at the same time. Gross.

What happened to restful sleep?


diane said...

Maybe there's something in the air. I slept poorly and dreamed of a ravine where there were deer carcasses lying about. Amidst the carnage, there was one deer who was dying but she had just given birth to a fawn. Next to her was a dead buffalo who had given birth to a white buffalo. The white buffalo calf was injured, the fawn was struggling for breath and I was fighting off a mountain lion who was trying to get to the fawn and the calf. I was trying to staunch the buffalo calf's wounds while trying to figure how I could get the buffalo calf and the fawn out of the ravine while fending off the mountain lion when I woke up. This dream has haunted me ever since. I can't imagine what it might mean.

Needleroozer said...

Eeewww, Diane.
Thanks for sharing! Bleah.
Nice to "see" you around. Don'tcha miss meeting up on Dave's blog, though?

diane said...

Sorry if I grossed you out. It wasn't a gory dream per se, just strange and sort of mystical. I guess I thought you might have some insight - don't ask me why!

I miss Dave's blog but he seems to start and then quit things pretty easily. I expect that he's looking for something to fill the places that are empty because of his PD. It must be hard to have to give up sports and driving and all that stuff, especially since it seems to be the way he defined himself.

I'm glad you're blogging again. I always enjoy reading what you write and sometimes find your words so profound, even in their simplicity, that I'm amazed with their truths.

I hope you sleep well tonight. I hope I do, too. :~)