Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quick update

The money negotions have started for the Wonderful Job. First offer was less than what he is making now, but they have tons of perks, incentives, commissions, etc. that bring it up to what he is making now.Papa Dude countered, fairly on the high end, so we shall see what happens. I know he will take this job no matter what they offer, as it is so much more of what he wants to do. He talked to several other field engineers in the company, and they are all telling him it is worth it, and that money doesn't always have to come directly from the salary to be good and steady.

Midnight the Van died last night, or at the very least is in critical condition. The Dude thinks it is the power steering. Sigh, could it not have waited just two weeks, till we had the money in hand that Papa will get from not using up all his vacation time at the U? He is out getting parts for the little toyota, so we can at least have it to use.

I spent several hours yesterday dealing with the public high school my Fine Young Man wants to attend, as well as the dept. of education. I am not yet ready to talk about my experiences and feelings on this matter- still in the middle of it and sorting it all out, but, I will tell you this:
I never, ever thought that *I*, the person who has always told anyone that would even sorta listen to me, that homeschooling was so much better than a public school education would now be working as hard as I am to get my son into the public school system. Sigh. I will fill you in on this one when I have more solid info. Let's just say, being an advocate for my son to get into public high school is hard, and I am fighting my personal stories about the system every step of the way.

Well, better get off this thing, and get dressed, it is going to be an interesting day. Kids are cranky, the Dude is cranky, and I get to hold it all together, with cranky-less mama glue.



Anonymous said...

Hi LB,
Call me if you want!
Heidi C in WA

Pamela said...

Congrats to your fella on such an exciting time in his work life. Looking forward to hearing more!

Goodness on the car ~ some days I think I see the benefit to a horse and carriage.

Good luck on the continuing academic challenges. The boy is very blessed to have you as Mama.


Anonymous said...

Hi LB-I was so happy to see your name pop up the other day but I had trouble with blogger and our server so I haven't had a chance to say HI! I miss our days as Dave's Angels-don't you. I think you must be the best Mom ever! Hope the van is crankin' again soon.


Hi Needleroozer ( formal )
Hi Lori, ( friends)

It made me feel good to see you still have that spunk, but I think it's more like a spark. The kind of spark that generates, motivates, captivates,illuminates,and rejuvenates. The daily battles will always be a part of life. We all have different battles, but we're all in the same war.
And you are a conquerer!