Friday, January 19, 2007


Man, yesterday was a painful day! It is days like that that make me grateful for high pain tolerance.

First off, I went to the Papa Dude's dentist. I was in the chair from 7 am to noon. Realized I should have eaten before I left, because I was too numb to do so at noon.

Raced home, picked up the kids, dropped the Fine Young Man off at the High school, and the GIrl and I drove up to nature study. One of the other moms led for me, as all of a sudden, I felt like crashing. Whew! 4 hours of nitris oxide did me in, I think.

After N.S., we headed to the Girl's piano lesson. I played with Baby A while Girl worked on Chopin and Hayden.

By this point, the numbness was wearing off enough for the pain to set in. I drove into town, picked Papa up, and slid over into the passenger seat.

We picked the Boy up at school at 5 pm, took me home, and I was able to crawl into bed.Took two hydrocodones, and crashed.

While I rested, the Girl made me supper, and the guys ran back into town to pick up a couple of free bookcases I had spotted the day before. These are fancy IKEA bookcases. Yay. I am not sure, but this may take our total number of bookcases up to 20.

So, I am feeling better, but amazed at how much pain I am in with this temporary crown.
I plan on resting this morning, till we need to leave for volunteer working the afternoon.
Not an exciting entry, but that's about all the blogging I have in me this morning.


diane said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Pamela said...

Dental work does that some times eh? I recall a few crowns thinking there must be something wrong, and being told nope, just tissue got irritated from all that work, and sure enough, DAYS later, it felt much better.

Hang in there, this moment will be a memory in awhile.

Playing with baby while girl works on piano sounds lovely ~ wasn't she the baby we were playing with not so very long ago....sniff...

Thanks for sharing,

P :)

Amy @ the foil hat said...

YIKES!!! I miss a few days and you fall apart! I hope you're feeling much better by the time you read this.

Dy said...

Oh my goodness! I hate those prolonged days, especially when they start w/ a trip to the dentist. Boy, y'all sure did get a lot done, though! WOWSA!

I hope you are feeling MUCH better now, and that this week is going smoothly and beautifully.